Our brand story:

The Source of our brand name is
Limonlu Tepe Farm (Lemon Hill Farm).
Limonlu Tepe is a lemon orchard at beautiful Mediterranean coast of Asia Minor where once Karian princesses ever lived.

We believe and surrender in nature’s wisdom !
At Limonlu Tepe (Lemon Hill) Farm, soil, plants and trees are all growing chemical, pesticide and herbicide free. They grow as they have grown for thousands of years.

In nature everything is in abundance.
Therefore when we grow cabbages we share them with earthworms, when growing tomatoes we get our share left from snails. To fix nitrogen, legumes, broad beans do the work instead of chemical fertilizers. As in the example of pure nature. Some plants do not prefer to grow in this soil. We welcome those who enjoy growing by themselves. We don’t have a struggle, instead we have an alliance.

We are in love with medicinal and aromatic plants as well as lemon
Lemon Hill is a lemon orchard yet they are growing among nature’s greatest source of life «medicinal and aromatic plants». Sage, thyme, St John’s Wort, geranium, mint, bay, dandellion and many more exchange their gifts with each other without hesitation.

What we do for you
We are keeping our share of 3 acres land away from chemicals herbicides pestcides and chemical fertilizers. In this micro part of the earth you can rest assured about nature.

Soil gives us, we combine into product.
At Limonlu Tepe (Lemon Hill) Farm, we have a portfolio of products carefully designed for your daily needs.
We are trying to use ingredients of our own grows yet when required we are choosing the best available growers wherever they are. Some products are already listed some are on the way and some are developing as an idea. Some products we are producing ourselves and for some we are working with carefully selected manufacturers for our own formulations.