Rose Geranium & Bay - Hand&Body Cream

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Rose Geranium & Bay -                                    Hand & Body Cream -100 ml

  • Produced with essential oils of Rose Geranium and Bay plants.
  • An excellent moisturizing hand and body cream.
  • You can use on your hands, feet and overall body.
  • Totally perfume free; its beautiful scent comes from Rose Geranium and Bay

Where to use

  • You can use Rose Geranium and Bay Hand and Body Cream
  • on your hands for a softer touch
  • on your feet and legs as a moisturizer 
  • on your body to feel the moisturizing effect and fascinating smell of both Rose Geranium and Bay

Rose Geranium Flower

Rose Geranium also called rose-scented geranium or sweet-scented geranium, is known as Pelargonium Graveolens. She’s native to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and brought to Europe in 16th century by Dutch botanist Paul Herman. Her flowers bloom pale pink to white. And smells wonderful. Rose Geranium essential oil is a well known active ingredient in lotions and fragrances.

Bay (Laurus Nobilis) Tree

Bay Laurel or Laurus Nobilis oil is extracted from the evergreen Bay Laurel shrub or Daphne as known in ancient Greece. It is native to Mediterannean and Europe. The tree is always believed to have magical powers against evil. Both Greece and Rome regarded bay laurel leaves sacred so that in ancient Greece and Rome crowns of emperors and warriors, sportsmen or scholars were made from the bay laurel leaves. Laurus Nobilis essential oil is extracted from the leaves by steam distillation.

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