Pine Tar Shampoo

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Pine Tar Shampoo - 300 ml

  • Produced from genuine pine tar.
  • From the very first use you can feel its powerful support in the healing process of scalp skin problems of eczama, itching, dandruff, psoriasis, fungus and scabies.
  • Softens your hair.
  • With the help of its effect on hair follicles it helps strengthening and stop hair losses.
  • Regular use is advised.
  • For all hair types.

When to use

Pine Tar Shampoo ise used :

  • on problems of hair loss to strongly reduce the problem
  • on weak hair for a rich look
  • on scalp skin problems eczama, itching, dandruff, psoriasis, fungus and scabies
  • regular use increases benefits 
  • Pine Tar has a distinctive woody smokey smell. No synthetic fragrances are used.
  • Doesnt contain sls instead slEs is used, totally silicon free. 

Pine Tar

Pine tar is obtained by burning pine tree bark in special pressure boilers. Pine tar has been associated with its help on solution of skin problems since ancient times. When used as shampoo, pine tar is known and used for its healing properties in scalp skin problems. While it is preferred for eczema, itching and dandruff, it helps to stop hair loss and help strengthening. With the help of its effect on hair follicles, its hair softening function is the secret of our grandmas. It’s used by psoriasis, fungus and scabies patients.

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